Art Span is a research platform specialized for digitized art readings and materials, it is established and maintained by Hong Kong Art School (a division of Hong Kong Arts Centre).  With a focus on local references, this platform is constructed with an aim to facilitate the research process of public and students and to enrich their reading experience in related subjects.  It is deemed to be the first of its kind in Hong Kong, and this platform is composed of two major sections:


I.  Art Resource Centre (ARC)

ARC is open to public access.

Being the first non-profit arts organization established in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) witnesses the development of the local arts scene over the past four decades, and is equipped with a wealth of experience in producing specialized art publications.  It is the first time for a considerable number of exclusive publications which have documented memorable moments of the local arts scene throughout the years to be made digitally available to the public.   

Hong Kong Art School (HKAS), a division of HKAC, apart from offering unique art educational programmes, has been dedicated to the production of publications and teaching aids on art-related topics since its inception in 2000.  Besides, the annual graduation exhibition catalogues and the documentation of the projects carried out by students and staff members of the School, which are normally rarely made available to public, are now being shared through this platform.  They can also serve as exquisite reference sources for researching and benchmarking purposes in relevant subjects across local institutes.

The ARC of Art Span contains exclusive publications published / produced by HKAC and HKAS over the years, which basically include:

1.  Catalogues of Exhibitions / Art Events presented by Hong Kong Arts Centre
2.  Catalogues / Documentation of Graduation Exhibitions / Showcases presented by Hong Kong Art School
3.  Catalogues / Documentation of Exhibitions presented by Affiliations of Hong Kong Art School
4.  Anniversary publications
5.  Project publications
6.  Teaching Aids / Educational Kits
7.   Portfolios of Students and Alumni

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II.  Online Library (OL)

OL is mainly open to students and staff members of Hong Kong Art School.

The OL of Art Span is set up to allow students’ access to reference materials without temporal, physical and geographical limits, and OL carries:

1. Digital version of selected reference books and reading materials that are closely associated with the existing curriculum of the School’s accredited programmes
2. Linkages to e-books and external digital resources of relevancy

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About the site

This site is made possible with the support of the Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS) of the Education Bureau.

Bridges and mutual support are considered between this and that the School previously established via the former Quality Enhance Grant Scheme of the Education Bureau:

It is a platform for collecting archives of moving images, it consolidates local and international art activities conducted by HKAS and HKAC and promotes self-learning culture among students; while serves as a sharing platform for spreading out digitized version of printed resources, encouraging students to expand their reading boundaries and to reach out to further their researches.

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The Hong Kong Art School Library exclusively accessible by the School’s students and staff is located at its Chai Wan Campus. Physical collections of art-related materials are available for reading and borrowing.

Opening Hours  Tue - Sat: 2pm - 7pm

For availability of physical titles at the School’s Library, searches are encouraged on the OPAC website:

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